Sunday, January 2, 2011

Knowledge Actionability: Evaluation and Practices, invited talk by Longbing Cao

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Longbing Cao (University of Technology Sydney, Australia) will give an invited talk at QIMIE'11:

Knowledge Actionability: Evaluation and Practices.
Actionable knowledge discovery and delivery is very demanding and challenging. It is regarded as one of grand challenges in the next-generation knowledge discovery in database (KDD) studies. Traditionally, data mining research mainly focuses and relies on developing and improving technical interestingness. This has approved not enough in the real-world enterprise data mining and emerging applications such as bioinformatics and behavior informatics. In this talk, a general evaluation framework is discussed to measure the actionability of knowledge discovered, which covers both technical and business performance evaluation. Metrics and strategies for supporting the extraction of actionable knowledge will be discussed. Practices in evaluating findings in several domains, such as actionable trading strategies in financial data mining, actionable intervention rules for social security data mining, actionable fraud detection rules for online banking risk management, will be introduced.