Thursday, October 21, 2010

Major topics to be discussed

Major topics that should be discussed in this blog:

  • objective measures of interest
  • subjective measures of interest and quality based on human knowledge
  • quality of ontologies, actionable rules
  • algorithmic properties of measures of interest
  • comparison of algorithm: issues with benchmarks and experiments, the need of new data sets which match new problems, methodologies, statistical tests, etc.
  • robustness evaluation and statistical evaluation
  • graphical tools like ROC, cost curves
  • special issues: imbalanced data, very large data, very high dimensional data, changing environments, lack of training data, graph data, etc.
  • special issues in specialized domains: bio-informatics, security, information retrieval, sequential and time series data, social networks, etc.
Contribute to this discussion and post comments in order to propose topics and main themes that should be discussed within this blog and QIMIE'11 workshop.

Philippe & Stéphane

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